Focus on Native Americans  No. 00-03

Date: Fall 2000

Subject:  Recommendations from the Breakfast Colloquy and
NLS Responses

During the National Conference of Librarians Serving Blind
and Physically Handicapped Individuals in Manhattan Beach,
California, a "Focus on Native Americans" breakfast colloquy
was held on May 4, 2000.  This meeting had twenty librarians
in attendance.  We discussed projects being done by
libraries or by other organizations in various states.
Several people expressed concerns regarding service to
Native Americans and expansion of their collections of
American Indian titles.

Four recommendations from the group and NLS responses

1. Expand time frame for this meeting at the next national
conference from forty-five minutes to one hour or one and a
half (1-1/2) hours.

__NLS response__
We will schedule a time slot for the "Focus on Native
Americans" breakfast colloquy to run from 7:30-9:00 a.m. in
its own room for the 2002 national conference.

2. Move the production of solar panels to higher priority
and increase numbers being produced.

__NLS response__
NLS is working on this and plans to have an additional four
hundred (400) solar panels available for distribution to the
network later this year.  If you know how many patrons in
your area could use a solar panel, please let the Materials
Development Division (MDD) know.  If you can give us exact
numbers needed per library, it would be of help in
determining future funding needs.

3. Develop a listserv for network librarians on Native
American issues, separate from any other listservs and from
__Focus on Native Americans.__

__NLS response__
NLS is looking into this and at this time welcomes network
staff as volunteers to serve as organizers/developers,
similar to the LBPH list that Oregon sponsors and the reader
advisor list that North Dakota sponsors.   This listserv
would be limited to NLS network librarians and related staff

4. Produce all titles in the Native American series
published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

__NLS response__
NLS selects titles for its collection in conformity with the
NLS Collection Building Policy.  The collection development
librarians peruse the lists of Native American titles
published by the University of Oklahoma Press and will
continue to select those titles that meet the criteria of
the Collection Building Policy.  Titles on the lists that do
not fall within the scope of the Collection Building Policy
are not selected.

The following are titles from the University of Oklahoma
Press that are already in the NLS collection.

Titles in the Civilization of the American Indian series:

Caso, Alfonso.  The Aztecs: People of the Sun.
RC 29843.

Debo, Angie.  Geronimo the Man, his Time, his Place.
RC 11145.

Ruby, Robert.  Indians of the Pacific Northwest:
A History.
RC 17883.

Sweeny, Edwin.  Cochise: Chircahua Apache Chief.
RC 34429.

Other titles:

Bird, Isabella.  A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains.
RC 48842.

Coldsmith, Don.  Medicine Hat: A Novel.
RC 47425.

Custer, George Armstrong.  My Life on the Plains;
or, Personal Experiences with Indians.
RC 32109.

Deloria Jr., Vine.  Custer Died for your Sins: An
RC 41766.

Ripley, Glenda.  The Life and Legacy of Annie Oakley.
RC 42941.

Yagoda, Ben.  Will Rogers: A Biography.
RC 38104.