What is the exact number?  I will need them for the directorate
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     The final load of machine-derived authority records (MDARs) for
music bibliographic records into the LC Database was completed on
Saturday, August 5, 2000.  This load consists of approximately 7,000
name and name/title authority records, bringing the total number of
MDARs created and loaded since Dec. 1997 to approximately 73,000.
There will be no more.  The bibliographic records used to create this
final load were generated from LC Database records with the
last-date-of-transaction between May 1, 1997 and Mar. 3, 2000.  (From
August 16, 1999, LC catalogers have been creating all authorities
themselves; there should be no MDARs for headings initially created
after that date.)

     Although attempts were made to coordinate as closely as possible
the creation of the various necessary files with ongoing bibliographic
maintenance, there are instances in this final MDAR load of outdated
headings/authorities. We will generate a listing of all MDARs which do
not match their respective bibliographic records and immediately begin
a project to perform necessary maintenance.  This project should be
completed by mid-September.

     The above procedure should take care of the bulk of MDAR
problems.  However, as in the past, there will doubtless be other
problems not located though this procedure.  As with the two previous
MDAR loads, we will be depending on LC catalogers and NACO Music
catalogers to perform necessary maintenance.  As with the previous two
loads, these records should be used, modified, and upgraded according
to normal Library of Congress and NACO authority procedures. If
appropriate, the "Preliminary" encoding "d" in the 008/33 should be
replaced (LC catalogers are instructed to upgrade to "fully
established" any MDAR heading being used in current bibliographic
production). The 667,  "Machine-derived authority record," should be
retained regardless of additional changes that are made to the record.

     For maintenance purposes, any MDAR problems which need reporting
(by either NACO Music participants or others) should be sent via email
to Joe Bartl, Special Materials Cataloging Division, MSR1, Library of
Congress at the address [log in to unmask]  If you report problems in this
way, please include the word "MDAR" in the subject line.

     For a history of earlier MDAR production, please see
Name Authority Records  by Deta Davis (July 1998).  This can be viewed
on LC's Website at the following address:

     Again, for any problems or questions regarding these authority
records, please email Joe Bartl.

Joseph Bartl
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