To listserv members,
        The Government Printing Office Library has been a contributor to LC
subjects for some years.  As you all may know, names and series authority
records contributed through the OCLC utility are indexed immediately and
searchable on OCLC, but subjects go through a different process and are
loaded after LC activity.  To assist our staff, our subjects authority
personnel have developed monthly in-house lists of subject proposal
contributions. With MUMS gone and the authorities module of Voyager not yet
available to us, GPO is relying more upon our in-house lists.
        After consultation with staff and LC personnel, and in the spirit of
cooperation which we and LC share, we are posting our monthly lists.  This
will hopefully provide a means to allow others to know what has been
contributed, and possibly reduce duplication.  We submit a few hundred
entries per year, so this posting will have only two months' worth of
listings.  The monthly lists include updates or changes from previous lists.
        These postings will no longer be needed after the authorities module
of LC's Voyager is activated for public use in the indefinite future.  These
lists will be discontinued at that time.
        Questions or comments can be sent to Dennis Dearnbarger / GPO
Library / [log in to unmask]

Here are the January and February 2000 lists.

                January 2000

151     Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument (Colo.)
        (transfer from "names" file to "subjects" file)

151     Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (Colo.)
        (revised from 6/99)

151     Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area (Colo.)
        (transfer from "names" file to "subjects" file)

110     Hoover Dam Visitor Center (Ariz. and Nev.)

150     International Year of the Ocean, 1998

151     Neversink River Watershed (N.Y.)

151     Ulsan Bay (Korea)


                February 2000

151     Crown Jewel Mine (Wash.)

110     Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building (Washington, D.C.)

151     Elliott Highway (Alaska)

        (reference added)

151     Iliamna Volcano (Alaska)

151     Insurance, Government employees' long-term care

150     Insurance, Government employees' long-term care--Law and legislation

150     Internet (Computer network) in education--Law and legislation

150     Internet (Computer network) in medicine--Law and legislation

150     Internet access for library users--Law and legislation

110     Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse (Las Vegas, Nev.)
                (changed from Lloyd D. George Federal Building and United
                Courthouse (Las Vegas, Nev.))

110     Old Executive Office Building (Washington, D.C.)
        (reference added)

151     Onondaga Creek (N.Y.)

151     Shackleford Creek (Calif.)

151     Steese Highway (Alaska)

151     Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge (Wash.)

150     Veteran-owned business enterprises--Finance

150     Veteran-owned business enterprises--Finance--Law and legislation


From December 1999

151     Garzas, Lake (P.R.)
        Change to Garzas Lake (P.R.)

From January 2000

151     Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument (Colo.)
                Do not use; changed to a "See" reference for Black Canyon of
the Gunnison National Park (Colo.)