Here's a reminder of special importance to all NACO contributors with
hyphenated MARC identification codes, especially NACO coordinators and
funnel coordinators:

"It is written:  It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a
needle than for a NAR with a hyphenated MARC code to be loaded into the
name authority file, IF the hyphenated code is not registered with the
folks in the Coop Team and the LC Network Development Office."

Potentially, library with code XyZ may have sub-units wanting to join
NACO, and we need to have the codes of any sub-units registered in order
to receive and count their NARs.   We could use:
XyZ  for XYZ University Main Library, our traditional NACO partners
XyZ-GHS for XYZ Granola Health Sciences Library, who are doing regular
NACO work, not in a funnel, but under a different code
XyZ-KMu  the XYZ School of Kazoo Music as a member of NACO Music
XyZ-FP  the XYZ School of Finger Painting as a member of ArtNACO

If we receive a record with XyZ-CB, but don't have the code registered,
we may lose out on the records for the XYZ University Comic Book
Cataloging Unit!

Please remember to let us know if you intend to use a new code.  Please
let us know the name of the new unit (XYZ University Granola Health
Sciences Library) and either provide the new code being used (XyZ-GHS)
or request a new code if you need one. The name of your special
cataloging unit is needed for LC to create the appropriate new
hyphenated code.

We welcome all our new NACO funnel members and contributors from special
libraries within NACO institutions, and want to be able to capture and
include all your records.  Thanks for your help.

Carolyn Sturtevant
LC Coop Team
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