Dear PCC colleagues,

Your responses to the recent camel-themed message about registering your
special unit names and MARC codes tell me that that you're not all on
vacation in August!  Thanks for letting me know about the new groups who
will be contributing records with unique MARC codes in the 040 fields.

Since I first posted that message, a colleague has pointed out that the
MARC office folks at LC have an online form which may be used to request
new MARC codes for just such occasions as a new library joining NACO  or
SACO or a new sub-unit of a library beginning to contribute at:

It would be most helpful if new applicants go online to request the new
MARC code as part of the PCC application process.  As in many
application processes for new codes, new telephone numbers, new driver's
licences, and 053 cutter numbers in LC classification, the applicant
gives the information and it's up to the folks in the office to assign
the appropriate numbers and letters, or the hyphenated part of a MARC
code.  The name of your sub-unit will be a factor in determining the
extension of your institution's code.

When you receive the new code or hyphenated extension of a MARC code, be
certain to include both the code and the particular name of your
institution and all sub-units who will be contributing on the
application form.

Thanks again for all your help.  Please let me know if you have

Carolyn Sturtevant
LC Coop Team
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