Fellows and friends,

I'm off on a much-needed vacation for a couple of weeks followed by some American Memory workshops in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I'll be back in the Library on October 10.  I'll be checking in, but not terribly often and mostly via my OTHER LC email account: [log in to unmask]

Please continue to use the list to communicate with each other as always.  But keep in mind that address changes and other administrative things related to the listserv will not be handled until after my return.

If you have questions/problems/comments about American Memory that you would normally send directly to me, during the next three weeks, please send them to the Learning Page reference librarian email account: [log in to unmask] or use the link on the bottom of most Learning Page pages to the reference librarian.  Danna Bell-Russel or Linda White will check that account and take care of questions there in my absence.  (As always, you may also use the form on the American Memory Help Desk, where Danna & Linda usually mind the store.)

Well, it's off to one week of hanging out at home, followed by one week at lovely barely-off-season Nags Head, North Carolina, followed by a week of  workshops in Tulsa Oklahoma with Karen Needles, followed by a top-ten College football game at Virginia Tach, in Blacksburg (Go Hokies!).  I'm looking forward to actually seeing half-time as much as the game.

Then I'll be back ... rested?


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