Fellow Fellows,

Greetings from Florida in the aftermath of Gordon (some wind, some rain,
drought remains).  David Gehler and I are finding our teaching rhythms and
have begun planning for our turn-of-the-century epic poem project---expected
launch date early December, completion in mid-February.

I just wanted to pass along a successful experience with the George
Washington collection.  I am dealing with the political crisis of the 1760s
and conducted a search for the Stamp Act in the collection.  I found two
letters, one before and one after repeal, which paint the Virginia planter
as an engaged political thinker influenced by Locke ("unconstitutional
method of Taxation as a direful attack upon their [he refers to colonists in
third person] Liberties").  The second reference is included in a business
letter complaining about some inadequate scythes he purchased (good insight
into 18th century hand manufacturing) in which he rejoices at the failure of
the Stamp Act.

This was a successful (I hope) exercise and I appreciate the site engineers
for making this info. so readily available.

Best of luck to all for a great year.

Luhr Beckmann