Thanks Gail!

Quite valuable material.  We can use this to support a project called "Kid's
Voting" that we are working on here @ AMS.

Danny Fusco
Asheville Middle
Asheville, North Carolina

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>Subject: Election Connections for Kids
>Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:55:34 -0400
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>Subject:      Election Connections for Kids
>Hello fellow Fellows -
>         Greetings from Rochester, New York. What a great week we had in DC
>summer. I have wonderful memories of American Memory! It was my best
>educational experience EVER!
>         This is my first posting ever to this list, so I hope what I've
>below appears as text and links. That's how it looks on my screen! Doris
>Waud and I are getting started on our elections/women's voting project,
>and I've pulled together some sites that should be helpful for kids and
>teachers in our elementary schools. Some are more extensive that others,
>but quite a few are great for the younger students! In a couple of weeks
>you should also be able to access them in the Current Project section of
>our Rush-Henrietta Elementary Library Links section of our district web
>                                 Gail Petri, Librarian
>                                 Fyle Elementary School
>                                 Rush-Henrietta CSD
>         Election  Connections - Election Day 2000 takes place on November
>7th in
>voting booths across the country. We hope teachers, students and their
>families will use these links to learn more about the candidates who are
>running for office,  the issues they stand for, and the election process
>itself. If you are not yet registered to vote, check out the link below to
>find out how! If you are registered, remember to get out and cast your
>vote on Election Day! Happy Voting!
>America Votes - This exhibit of US presidential campaign memorabilia
>illustrates the the nationís presidential elections in letters, sheet
>music, leaflets, buttons and bumper stickers. There are also links to
>current political partiesí web sites.
>Election Kit 2000 - Use this Prentice Hall Election 2000 Kit to help your
>students become informed about presidential, congressional, and
>gubernatorial elections, both past and present.
>Freedom Channel - Stop here for video clips, sound and text of
>presidential candidates speaking out on issues.
>How to Register to Vote in the United States - Find out how to register to
>vote in your state and link to forms and online registration where
>Issues 2000 - Explore and compare candidates views on leading political
>issues. Includes 18 student oriented activities, candidate biographies and
>lots more.
>PBS Kids Democracy Project - Online activities including How Does
>Government Affect Me, President For a Day and Inside the Voting Booth are
>designed for students if grades three to six. Lesson plans are included.
>Presidency 2000 - This comprehensive site provides information about and
>links to sites for all parties, candidates and issues for the 2000
>Project Vote Smart - Check out this extensive source of political
>information, election candidates, voter issues, voting records and much
>Scholastic Special Report Election 2000 - This extensive site includes
>news reports from kids who attended the conventions, info on the
>candidates, and a place to read up on the biggest issues.
>Time For Kids/Election Connection - Get election news, learn about the
>candidates, and voice your opinions on the upcoming elections at this
>election site created just for kids.
>Yahooligans - The Big Picture - Presidential Election 2000 - Stop here to
>find news, stories, opinions, editorials and web sites related to the 2000
>Youth-e-Vote Net - Schools can register classes to participate in a
>national online youth vote. Even if you donít register, there are great
>links to voting information, candidates, issues and election related

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