BIBCO colleagues:  As we approach the end of the Federal Government
Fiscal Year 2000, it also represents the end of the statistical year for
cooperative programs of the PCC, including BIBCO.  We're grateful for
the part you've played this year in contributing BIBCO records,
compiling stats, and reporting them to us for the official tally of PCC

In order to process our BIBCO stats for the year end reports, it would
be great to have your individual reports on this schedule:

September 15 for the August report
October 6 for the September report (is this too optimistic?  too

Also, this is an excellent time for BIBCO libraries to visit their
online stats pages to determine if all months which you reported are
present on the page and accurate.  If any adjustments must be made, the
August and September stats reports may be adjusted to solve any
problems.  Add and subtract as needed, and give the months represented
by the numbers in the appropriate box, or drop me a line.

If any BIBCO partners, new or veteran, have questions about the stats
reporting process, I welcome questions.  Thanks again for a great year.

Carolyn Sturtevant
LC Coop Team
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