Mr. Bady: You might receive other, more technical, responses to your inquiry,
but I can at least tell you that EAD is not designed to encode audio-visual
formats. The EAD DTD does provide options for describing AV materials and
creating links to them - via the DAO tag - (short for Digital Archival
Object) -
or the more robust DAOGRP tag.

If you look at the EAD HELP PAGES:
especially at the EAD Sites Annotated page:
and the sub-directory of Delivery Methods:
you will see a number of sites that deliver native SGML,
including Yale:

As luck would have it, we just put up our first two
finding aids which link to motion picture files.
In the Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas Collection:
SGML version:
HTML version:
you will find a home movie (rather blurry) of Stein. (Search for "movie")
And in the Richard Wright Papers:
SGML version:
HTML version:
you can have a look at a very interesting group of screen tests Wright did
for the film
version of his novel, "Native Son" - complete with sound. (Search for
"screen test")
The films are encoded in RealPlayer format.

However, I would ask for other examples from readers of this list,
as our implementation of links to digital archival objects is not strictly
First, I used <extptr> for the link, instead of <dao> - and, due to some
difficulties in getting our
system to launch RealPlayer, I cheated in my ENTITY declaration
by noting that the RealPlayer files are of the type "HTML" -
which means that Netscape or IE will launch - and they will bear
the burden of parsing the file type.
We plan to clean things up, but we wanted to get some
AV examples up for perusal quickly - hence our work-around.

I hope this at least provides some info. to start with.

Timothy Young
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
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At 08:46 AM 9/21/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Currently we are investigating EAD encoding finding aids related to sound
>and moving image collections.
>I have perused the list of EAD implementers looking for some relevant
>examples of encoding (no sense
>in re-inventing the wheel) in order to review how other agencies/people have
>handled these.
>Alas, I have yet to find any examples where the SGML or XML is available for
>viewing or download.
>I would be grateful if anyone who has done some work in EAD encoding of
>sound and moving image could  pass on some relevant examples, perhaps via
>email to:  [log in to unmask]
>Thanks in advance for your consideration in this.
>Brant Bady
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