I've been dealing with all the same problems in XMetaL!   As a result, I decided to try the other method of conversion specified in the Cookbook and have been successful.  Although it requires downloading a lot of software, using SX/SP for the conversion from SGML to XML, then XT for XML to HTML was a rather straightforward and painless method.  The instructions as outlined in the Cookbook are clear and precise.

I'm still using XMetaL for the editing of the converted documents and look forward to understanding the nature of my earlier conversion problems with it as this discussion progresses.

Irene-Ann Spanner
National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives  

>>> Mandy Oates <[log in to unmask]> 09/11/00 05:14PM >>>
Hopefully someone out there can help me handle this problem - thanks in
advance for any ideas!

I have a validated xml document (located in my "Documents" directory),
and an ead stylesheet taken from Michael Fox's EAD Cookbook, (located in
my "Styles" directory). I have not yet been able to transform this xml
document into html.

In XMetaL, when I have my document open in "Tags On", I see my nice
validated document with the tags on. When I go to "Page Preview", I see
the template for the stylesheet but WITH NO DATA - that is, none of my
document shows up in the stylesheet - I just see the stylesheet's
background color and headers, and the links for "Return to Table of
Contents", etc.

Why is this happening?!
Do I have to transform the file into html before I can see what it will
look like with the stylesheet?
Or could it be that I have the stylesheet in the wrong directory?

Thanks very much,
Mandy Oates