Stephen,  PA Department of Environmental Protection Central Library has the
Congressional Quarterly's Federal Staff Directory, which includes Executive
Office of the President, Executive Departments, Independent Agencies,
Quasi-Official Organizations, Biographies, a subject index and an individual
index.  Name, position title, phone number are listed.  Addresses for
principal D.C. locations are listed.  Regional offices with addresses are
listed.  There are 1,723 pages in the 32nd edition, which is the Winter 2000
issue.    I use it first and always before the 2000 Government Phone Book
USA, 8th edition, published by Onmigraphics, Inc.  This latter title with
2,470 pages includes judicial listings and state and local government
   I am sure you received quite a few answers to your query.    Thank you.
(Dr. ) Linda Rambler, Librarian

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Subject: Directory of federal offices?

Sorry for the duplication, as I have sent this message to different mailing

I'm trying to find out how many federal offices there are in the United
States with more than 500 people.  It there a reference book covering such
information?  I imagine there may be directories covering federal agencies,
but I cannot recall any specific titles.  I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Steve Pomes

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