My thought was GSA, because I understood the question to be federal office
BUILDINGS containing more than 500 federal employees (like the New Custom
House in Denver.  It has a federal population >500, but no agency has 500
people there.

-Kay Collins, Head Librarian, U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, Chicago

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I would think OPM would be the source for this
info.  I was looking through their web site, and
they had some links to statistics and demographics
about the Federal work force:


For what it's worth...

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Subject: Directory of federal offices?

Sorry for the duplication, as I have sent this message to different mailing

I'm trying to find out how many federal offices there are in the United
States with more than 500 people.  It there a reference book covering such
information?  I imagine there may be directories covering federal agencies,
but I cannot recall any specific titles.  I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Steve Pomes

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