ACE: TODAY, FRI. : FEDERAL Government Search Engine, Presentation 4:50 FRIDAY EST 9/22

ACE friends,
1) New government search engine and videocast.
2) Request for success stories in eCommerce (see bottom of this email.)

1)Please share this with your partners, from our friends at NPR, National Partnership for Reinventing Government and GSA.  Thank you Michael M.(NPR)

President Clinton will announce this afternoon the launching of the
government's new super seach engine for information on government services.

You can watch this event on the web live by going to  at  4:50 EST, 9/22/2000, this afternoon.  Go down the homepage in the center column, at the 4:50 pm time period, is a clickable descriptor of this live event.  At 3:00pm the URL is  which is for the "White House" events.

You might need to load a video or audio player download capability.  This takes about 15 minutes beforehand.

EXBTV usually leaves the video up for a couple of months.

But try out  the web site yourself by visiting this new tool as your first
 click to the federal government.

I have already tried putting in eCommerce and came up with some good hits. 

This is like anything any of us (government, private sector or non-profits) do with the Internet, there are always some startup speed bumps on the highway.  Please have some patience while we try and get as many "links" live as possible.

2)      If any ACERs have some success stories in eCommerce over the last year, I would love to have a paragraph on them.  I am especially looking for some public/private efforts.  (government and private sector)  Please include a URL if known.

Thanks in advance.

Glynis Long
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