Arsa Gerhard Budin:

> dear all, responding to Marion's mail about me, I would like to report that I was
> added to the list not so long ago and that since then I did not receive e-mails to
> be commented on. Please send me previous messages that were sent and that
> apparently I did not (yet) receive, i.e. those relevant messages to be commented
> on, so that I can add my comments now in order to contribute to our important
> committee work.
> thank you!
> Gerhard

I know the LOC listserver is capable of delivering monthly digests/logs, if set up by
its owner(s) to do so, so it should be possible, Gerhard, for you to retrieve all
msgs relayed this month by just sending the following command:


to the following address:

[log in to unmask]

If list ISOJAC is not already set up to do this automatically, I can easily show
Rebecca how to do this, if she'd like.

Marion Gunn
Everson Gunn Teoranta