Arsa Håvard Hjulstad:

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> I think the latest "conclusion" in the separate discussion was to include
> Gaelic and gaélique only. However, I fear that this might be misleading, and
> I would like to suggest Scottish Gaelic; Gaelic, Scottish and gaélique
> écossais.
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That is incorrect. If  two names are needed in English, they should be "Gaelic,
Scottish Gaelic" (that is, giving "Gaelic" first place, as the term preferred
by native speakers, and allowing "Scottish Gaelic" in second place, as an
alternative allowed in some contexts). For symmetry, two names are also needed
in French: "gaélique", and "gaélique écossais", presented in that order, for
the same reasons as in English.

Please note that word "Scottish" by itself is mostly an ethnic term which means
nothing linguistically, and could only generate confusion (as illustrated on
the USMARC site) about "Scots" (which is a very different language, entirely
unrelated to gd/gla).

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> Best regards,
> Håvard Hjulstad

Marion Gunn
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