dear colleagues,
I agree with Michael that 'castellano' is indeed used in Latin America.
Therefore the note about any geographical restriction of the use of this
term has to be removed from proposals to be voted upon. Often it
(castellano) is the preferred term (though for different reasons in
Spain (since there are other languages there as well, and of course for
historical reasons) and in all other countries than Spain (for
anti-colonial reasons or political correctness as we would call it

below a citation from the Constitution of Venezuela:

Artículo 9. El idioma oficial es el castellano. Los idiomas indígenas
también son de uso oficial para los pueblos indígenas y deben ser
respetados en todo el territorio
de la República, por constituir patrimonio cultural de la Nación y de la

When I speak or write in Spanish with my colleagues both in Spain and
Latin America I rarely hear or read the term 'español' for the language,
only as an adjective for the country or for the people of Spain.


note: in the last 5 hours I have worked through the ISOJAC archive from
January up to today. Impressive work was done by all of you, so it is a
pleasure to work with you in this committee from now on