Allow me to suggest (1) that we allow three weeks (until 2000-09-27) to
discuss this issue on either of the lists, (2) that I propose to the JAC
Chair a wording for the voting, and (3) that formal voting be conducted on
the JACVOTE list starting in the first half of October.

The issue in question was included in the document that I circulated for

Identifiers: be / bel

English names in ISO/DIS 639-1: Byelorussian; Belarussian
English name in ISO 639-2: Belarusian
(French name in both parts: biélorusse)

My proposal was to include the following English names: Belarusian;
Byelorussian; White Russian

One comment was received to the effect that "While Russian" is not needed.
The other English names seem to be accepted.

I have found "White Russian" in quite a few sources, including Ethnologue
and the UDC language list. However, most sources do not include it.

I maintain my origian proposal.

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad

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