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As for the frrench translation of the sentence Havard suggests to add, I
would recommend :

"ne s'emploie que pour l'espagnol d'Espagne"

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Jean-Arthur Creff

A 13:51 06/09/00 +0200, vous avez écrit :
>Allow me to suggest (1) that we allow three weeks (until 2000-09-27) to
>discuss this issue on either of the lists, (2) that I propose to the JAC
>Chair a wording for the voting, and (3) that formal voting be conducted on
>the JACVOTE list starting in the first half of October.
>The issue in question was included in the document that I circulated for
>Identifiers: es / spa
>English names in ISO/DIS 639-1: Spanish; Castilian
>English name in ISO 639-2: Spanish
>French names in ISO/DIS 639-1: espagnol; castillan
>French name in ISO 639-2: espagnol
>My proposal was to include the following English names: Spanish; Castilian
>and the following French names: espagnol; castillan
>However, the problem is that Castilian/castillan is used about the language
>in Spain only, not in Latin America. This should somehow be expressed, which
>also was addressed by a comment.
>New proposal for English: Spanish; Castilian [Note: "Castilian" refers to
>the Spanish language in Spain only]
>New proposal for French: espagnol; castillan [With a similar note, which I
>will need help in expressing in French]
>Best regards,
>Håvard Hjulstad
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