Excuse me butting in to this argument as a non-member of the committee.  As
a librarian, when someone says that "no one" uses a particular name for a
concept, I go to a union catalogue.  In OCLC's WorldCat there are two
English language titles using "Castillian":

Uribe's master-key to the Castillian language : Castillian verbs; model
conjugations of the ten thousand regular and irregular verbs.  (published in

Politeness in language : directive speech acts in Colombian and Castillian
Spanish, and U.S. English.  (published in 1994)

So "Castillian" is not widely used in English, but it is used.

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Sigh. In Mexico they very often call the language "castellano". So it is
not a specifically European thing.

On the other hand, NO ONE really calls Spanish "Castilian" in English.

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