Machines and Accessories Report No. 00-13

Date: September 22, 2000

Subject: Headphones

On August 21, 2000, the Library of Congress signed a
contract with Telex Communications, Inc., for 25,000
headphones.  These headphones are designed to be compatible
with NLS cassette-book machines.  They are also compatible
with NLS amplifiers that are used by patrons with profound
hearing impair-ment.  Under the terms of the contract, NLS
may purchase an additional 25,000 units during fiscal year
2002 and 25,000 units during fiscal year 2003, if funding
permits.  The target date for delivery of  production-
control samples for quality-assurance testing is mid-October
2000.  The first production lot of 200 units is scheduled
for mid-November delivery to NLS for inspection.  If these
headphones are approved, NLS anticipates their delivery to
multistate centers in mid-December.  Back orders will be
filled first.  As a reminder, headphones should only be
issued to readers who require them for reading talking books
where loudspeakers are not permitted, as in nursing homes
and hospitals.

For more information contact:

Wells Kormann
Materials Development Division