Hello All,

Library Staff have begun to prepare for the NCSS conference. We have
a new "booth" and a wonderful audience of Social Studies educators to
try it "on"!

We know the impact of "voices from the trenches" and so, hope that
those of you who are attending NCSS will be willing to join us in the
Library's booth. If you are attending the conference, and are willing
to do so, we would like to actually schedule you for a "booth"
presentation. We will have presentations going on throughout the
conference on various topics. Your sharing would be marvelous!  You
might choose to tell of a student project (and bring student work to
support your tale of success!), to talk about your Fellow's Project,
to share a professional development technique you have used with
staff members in your district, etc..

If you are not attending NCSS, you can still share your
"wonderfulness". I received a package from Claire Griffin (Hawaii,
Class of '00) yesterday. She sent a packet of "I Am" poems created by
her students (not a long term, but a two day project), using the AM
collections as their resource. These are to "DIE" for. Seeing them
will help other teachers realize that they can USE the collections in
viable ways. If you have student work from projects you have done
(and if you and those students are willing to part with some of
it)..we would love to display such work at NCSS (and future
conferences!).  Think about it....

We'll talk more about this...


Class of '97
Leni Donlan
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