"Dear Fellows,

Leni Donlan is organizing a Fellows'  "panel" presentation. Her
thought is to give an NCSS audience a sense of the Fellowship
experience as we blatantly RECRUIT for next year's "class". She will

"moderate" a discussion by providing leading questions that will
hopefully allow you to show the "lighter side" (annecdotes about any

aspect of your experience would be great to share with the audience)

while illustrating the professional significance of such an
experience. It will be fun and painless...she promises!

If you are able to participate, please provide me with some times
available  and I'll coordinate a day and time that fits as many
schedules as possible. This does not supplant your own
"presentation" would be an additional appearance, if your time
and desire permit this."

Karen Needles
National Digital Library Learning Center
Library of Congress
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*Knowledge is Power" Thomas Jefferson