Hi Everyone,

Thanks, Cynthia!

NCSS is going to be great!  Judy, Susan, John, Karen, Linda and I
will all be there. We can't wait to see those of you who will also be
attending. I'm collecting "student work samples" from Fellows who are
not attending so I can represent YOU, too. Send them my way...

New thought...
How about a Fellows' Panel??? We can have some fun with this while
still getting our point across (that AM Fellowship is an amazing
professional growth experience that enhances our role as educational
leaders in myriad ways). I'll be happy to moderate (provide "leading
questions" and one provide the personal anecdotes that
will have them rolling in the aisles. Perhaps we can call this little
presentation, "Fellows Follies"? :-)

This does not replace any of the sharing you have already arranged,
or are arranging with Karen. This is an additional piece that could
be a great deal of fun! Think about it...

I'm also looking forward to the great dinner "Blind Date"...thinking
of this as an opportunity to meet the Fellows that were not in MY
class! It looks like the "dinner night" will probably be Friday.
Check your calendars...

We will have to plan for a Fellows Reunion more seriously, next year.
Perhaps we can designate a specific conference as our place to meet?
Let's think about this...