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>Subject: NCSS Fellows Panel/Blind Date?
>Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 07:54:54 -0400
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>Subject:      NCSS Fellows Panel/Blind Date?
>Hi Everyone,
>Thanks, Cynthia!
>NCSS is going to be great!  Judy, Susan, John, Karen, Linda and I
>will all be there. We can't wait to see those of you who will also be
>attending. I'm collecting "student work samples" from Fellows who are
>not attending so I can represent YOU, too. Send them my way...
>New thought...
>How about a Fellows' Panel??? We can have some fun with this while
>still getting our point across (that AM Fellowship is an amazing
>professional growth experience that enhances our role as educational
>leaders in myriad ways). I'll be happy to moderate (provide "leading
>questions" and one provide the personal anecdotes that
>will have them rolling in the aisles. Perhaps we can call this little
>presentation, "Fellows Follies"? :-)
>This does not replace any of the sharing you have already arranged,
>or are arranging with Karen. This is an additional piece that could
>be a great deal of fun! Think about it...
>I'm also looking forward to the great dinner "Blind Date"...thinking
>of this as an opportunity to meet the Fellows that were not in MY
>class! It looks like the "dinner night" will probably be Friday.
>Check your calendars...
>We will have to plan for a Fellows Reunion more seriously, next year.
>Perhaps we can designate a specific conference as our place to meet?
>Let's think about this...

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