This is my first posting. I saw the request for AM science integration --

I teach earth science, math and computer in a middle school. Last spring my
science partner and I did a project on the geology of national parks -- the
natural history, geologic history, and social history of the US national
parks.  Basically, each group of students researches a national park and
gives a multimedia presentation. They must include the geologic formation of
the park, important plant and animal species, weather patterns, topology and
topography, history, map, travel "brochure" of their own design, and a model
depicting how the park was formed. We used maps from the AAM collection
(Mapping the National Parks) as well as paintings, conservation movement
collection items, and various items from the environmental photo collection
-- there is just so much material to work with! We worked with the social
studies/language arts team to incorporate the historical perspective and
development of the national park service with the science components. I
worked on developing this project further this summer during the Washington
summer institute, and we are just starting to work on this with this year's
student group. I hope to have it "web-ready" by Feb./early March. Another
way that I have used AAM is science is to do a short unit on inventions and
technology -- the early Westinghouse factory films are great for generation
discussions about technology and industrialization (nice social studies

I would love to hear ideas from others.

Dora Nelson

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> >I would to know when and where the conference will be next year so I
> >could plan on it.
> Absolutely - I would love to go to the conference, but nothing about it
> has ever come across my desk.  I went to the National Science Conference
> last April and that was wonderful! In fact, as a result of that, Doris
> Waud and I are presenting at the New York State Science Conference
> (STANYS) early in November (about Classroom Feeder Watch - an online/real
> life bird watching program sponsored by Cornell U.)
> Another note and maybe an idea: My husband is a high school
> biology/horticulture/environmental science teacher and he was very
> impressed with the LOC collections having to do with the environment and
> conservation -
> American Environmental Photographs -
> American Landscape and Architectural Design -
> Evolution of the Conservation Movement -
> Now I have a mission to print out and laminate lots of those photos for
> him to use with his class! Has anyone ever done or thought about doing a
> workshop focusing on how science teachers might integrate LOC collections
> into their teaching? Any other ideas re science?
>                                         Gail Petri