Hi Gail!  Great to hear about your projects.  I wanted to throw an idea for
a place to check out there for you.  If I remember correctly, didn't Ken
Burns recently put together a documentary detailing the women's suffrage
movement?  If so, probably a place you could check is the pbs web site.
Hope all is well!

Greg Deegan
Beachwood High School

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> Leni -
>         I love the Election page! The timing is perfect. We just put up a
page of
> election links on our district and I'll add this one. It is very user
> friendly and has great information.
>         Doris and I (Doris teaches 5th grade) have begun our Women's
> project and today the kids examined the documents I printed out from LC
> and they brainstormed the strategies that were used back then to try and
> sway opinions. Tonight for home learning the kids are going to examine
> newspapers, tv, etc. and see if they can come up with strategies
> politicians are using today.
>         If any of you are interested in more women suffrage sites, these
> places with good info.
>         Thanks for the great site, Leni!
>                 Gail Petri
> Sites for Mrs. Waud's 5th Grade
> Women Suffrage Research
> Anthony Center for Women's Leadership Biographies of Suffragists - Stop
> here for short biographies of some of the most famous women suffragists.
> By Popular Demand: "Votes for Women" Suffrage Pictures 1850 - 1920 - Go to

> this Library of Congress site for photos related to the women's suffrage
> movement.
> Mid-Century Woman's Rights Movement: Selected Texts - You'll find the
> complete text of a variety of women's suffrage documents at this site.
> Upstate New York and the Women's Rights Movement - This site presents the
> text and selected images from a 1995 exhibition in the Department of Rare
> Books and Special Collections at the University of Rochester Library. The
> exhibition commemorated the seventy-fifth anniversary of the passage of
> the nineteenth amendment, which gave women the vote in 1920.
> Votes for Women: Art Gallery - Go here for an online tour of photos,
> documents and ephemera related to the women's suffrage movement.
> Votes for Women: National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection
> 1848 - 1921 - Go to this Library of Congress site to find documents
> related to the suffrage movement.
> Western New York Suffragists: Winning the Vote- This Rochester site will
> be officially launched in October, 2000. Go to the address below to
> preview many area suffragist's biographies.
> Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment - Images of 9 primary source
> documents related to the suffrage movement can be found here.
>         Http://
> Women's Suffrage Comprehensive Site - You'll find biographies of 78
> suffragists at this site.
> Women's Suffrage Timeline - This timeline presents the years when women
> were granted the rights to vote around the world.