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>LOC Folks -
>I'll be at NCSS as well.  Let me know when you need help in the booth --
>I'm available.  Any thoughts of a reunion lunch or dinner?
>Mike Federspiel


I just tried to twice email you privately, but my message was bounced back
with the following message from the postmaster:

 [log in to unmask]:
 retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

Anyway,  I suggested that you and I might do something together on found
poetry for middle and high school (as we both do it for different topics)
if an imformal demo is wanted.  I also would like to chat electronically
about a few other things (without subjecting this list to it!) so perhaps
you can try to email me privately and then I might have more success
getting back to you privately.

Also, I'd love to do an AMF reunion lunch or dinner too!


Monica Edinger
The Dalton School
New York NY
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