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>I would to know when and where the conference will be next year so I
>could plan on it.

Absolutely - I would love to go to the conference, but nothing about it
has ever come across my desk.  I went to the National Science Conference
last April and that was wonderful! In fact, as a result of that, Doris
Waud and I are presenting at the New York State Science Conference
(STANYS) early in November (about Classroom Feeder Watch - an online/real
life bird watching program sponsored by Cornell U.)

Another note and maybe an idea: My husband is a high school
biology/horticulture/environmental science teacher and he was very
impressed with the LOC collections having to do with the environment and
conservation -

American Environmental Photographs -
American Landscape and Architectural Design -
Evolution of the Conservation Movement -

Now I have a mission to print out and laminate lots of those photos for
him to use with his class! Has anyone ever done or thought about doing a
workshop focusing on how science teachers might integrate LOC collections
into their teaching? Any other ideas re science?
                                        Gail Petri