Hello -

I am encoding finding aids for the History Center of Western
Pennsylvania and have run across a series of items which I
am having trouble deciding how to encode.  They are a series
of legal documents, mainly deeds from the 1700s and 1800s.

An example of the text is:

Winebiddle, Philip.
Lease to Thomas Smithson for house on Second Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
        1831 Apr. 1

I am putting each of these into a component with level="item".  It
seems obvious to put the "Lease...Pa." into a <unittitle> with
the date enclosed within a <unitdate>.  What I'm having trouble
with is the creator of the deed.  It seems important to set
off the creator (issuer?) of the document from the document itself.
One thought was to put the person into an <origination> within the <did>,
but not within the <unittitle>.  But I'm not sure whether this is a
proper use of <origination>.

Any suggestions would be welcome.  Thanks.

Kim Tryka
EAD Partnership Student
Digital Research Library
University of Pittsburgh