The Star Scanning System discovered a potential virus
or unauthorised code in a message sent by you.

The message was diverted into the virus holding pen on
mail server (id 667838_970490576)
and will be held for 10 days before being destroyed.

To help identify the message:

The message was titled '(empty)'
The message date was Mon, 2 Oct 2000 08:33:55 -0400
The message identifier was <00c201c02c6d$081ab7c0$a567113f@computer>
The message was detected on server
The message recipients were
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What was it:

Scanner 1 (F-Secure) reported the following:

F-Secure Anti-Virus for i386-linux Release 4.08 build 2260
sign.def version 2000-09-29
fsmacro.def version 2000-09-22
sign2.def version 2000-09-28

667838_2MH_message.htm  infection: JS/Kak.A

       2 files scanned
       1 infections found
fsav returned (3) 3

Did the mail reach any recipients?

If you are a customer of Star Internet, then the
mail has been intercepted, and will not reach any
recipients. Depending on your configuration, the
intended recipients may or may not have received a
warning message similar to this.

If you are not a customer of Star Internet, then
only the mail sent to customers of Star Internet
has been intercepted. Mail to other recipients
will not have been stopped. All recipients will
have received a warning message similar to this.
What now?

To find information on the scanner that detected the virus
use the following links:

NAI uvscan: 
Cybersoft vfind:

You may be able to find more information on the virus detected
from the following information sites:

If your virus scanner does not detect a virus, do not attempt
to send the mail again - our virus scanners will still detect
a virus. You should contact our support department to
resolve the problem, quoting virus pen number 667838_970490576,
mail server

If you need more information, or if you believe this to be a
false alarm, please contact your local helpdesk / administrator,
or contact Star Support on:
   +44 (0)1285 884433
or [log in to unmask]

This message has been checked for all known viruses, by Star Internet,
delivered through the MessageLabs Virus Control Centre.
For further information visit: