Dear Colleagues,

I work at The University of Western Australia, on a national project to
co-ordinate a database of finding aids for Australian literary manuscripts.
This is the first national incentive of its kind here in Australia, and we
have learned a lot from the generous resource and information sharing of our
international EAD colleagues.

We have come across a problem which the EAD Guidelines don't seem to address:

What is the best way to deal with manuscript material which is not organised
into Series? Some of our contributing libraries have large amounts of
material which will not be organised into Series before finding aids are
created to describe them. This kind of material is currently being described
in terms of consignments, including date of receipt at the holding library.

Is anyone else facing this situation, and using an alternative to the
"Series List and Descriptions" header? If so, how are you subsequently
coding the material?

Thanks so much,

Dr Liz Hardy.