We are trying to standardize our approach to marking up dates, and
ran into a couple difficulties with dates that are in a series. Here
are two examples of what we're struggling with:

<titleproper>Guide to the Records of the Utility Worker's of America,
Local 1-2<date type="bulk" normal="1941/1995">1927, 1941-1995 (Bulk

<unitdate>1958, 1963</unitdate>

In the first case, the "1927" by itself causes the problem--is the
date type still bulk? Although it seems clear that the normal
attribute should cover the entire date range rather than the bulk
date range, there doesn't seem to be a way (following the ISO
standard) to insert the 1927 date as well. Is it appropriate to use
the normal attribute for as much of the collection as can be
included, even if 1927 is left out?

In the second case, the date type is neither single, inclusive or
bulk. Likewise, there is no ISO representation of two separate dates
that aren't a range. Is this correct markup then, to not include any
type or normal attribute at all?

I think we can handle all of our other date situations adequately,
but these two are troublesome. Any suggestions would be greatly

--Eric Stedfeld

Eric L. Stedfeld
Info Tech Specialist
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