Kimberly Tryka wrote:

> I am putting each of these into a component with level="item".  It
> seems obvious to put the "Lease...Pa." into a <unittitle> with
> the date enclosed within a <unitdate>.  What I'm having trouble
> with is the creator of the deed.  It seems important to set
> off the creator (issuer?) of the document from the document itself.
> One thought was to put the person into an <origination> within the <did>,
> but not within the <unittitle>.  But I'm not sure whether this is a
> proper use of <origination>.


Are these documents in a larger fonds/collection? If so, was an <origination> element encoded within the <archdesc><did>? If so, what would you gain by encoding an <origination> within each item?

Archival fonds/collections, especially in places like history centers that don't focus on the records of one particular institution, are generally full of items not technically 'created' by the creator of the fonds/collection, be that an individual or a corporate body. Archivists generally acknowledge this and describe materials at the aggregate level of the fonds/collection and not the individual items (see the section "Archival Description" on pages 4-6 of Hensen's APPM for a good summary regarding this), which is the critical difference between archival description and bibliographic description. You may be listing individual items in your finding aid, but I assume you're still doing archival description and not creating more robust descriptive records for each of the items in this particular fonds/collection?

If the History Center of Western Pennsylvania has a policy in its EAD encoding of encoding <origination> consistently at the item level across all of its finding aids, then you would seem to be on pretty firm ground for doing so in this particular case. But if not, I can't see a good reason for encoding items at that level of detail in just one finding aid.

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