The simplest way to do bound-withs is to make a 500 note, then use the
appropriate 700 field.  This gives justificatio for the title or author title
items.  Serials are done a little differently, but I do not have my Conser
book with me to list the fields that are used there.

> Our library is beginning to create MARC Holding records for all materials,
> including monographs. When we purchased the software segment to do this,
> our vendor told us that we could tie together bibliographic records for
> bound-withs and analytics by repeating the 004 control field. But the MARC
> documentation for Holdings Data says that the 004 field is not repeatable.
> If anyone can give me some ideas for dealing with these bound-withs without
> going against the MARC standard, I would appreciate it very much.
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