The changes to the Validation Rules for cataloging, originally scheduled for
October 15, have been rescheduled for this coming Sunday.  Please see the
attached message that will appear in OCLC System News later today.  I will
let you if there are any changes to the planned schedule.

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Rescheduled Changes to the Validation Rules

Changes to the Validation Rules for cataloging, originally scheduled for
October 15, 2000, have been rescheduled for October 22, 2000.

OCLC plans to make several changes to the Validation Rules for cataloging as
part of the follow-up to the MARC Bibliographic Updates implemented in
October 1998 (Technical Bulletin 227) and April 2000 (Technical Bulletin
236).  Bibliographic records have been scanned and corrected.  Final scans
will be completed after October 22nd.  We will advise OCLC members if there
is any change to the October 22nd install date.

Changes include
*       Invalidating obsolete elements and values.  The obsolete elements
have been scanned and deleted or corrected.  This includes removing obsolete
language codes from the validation rules.  If you need help in determining
what should be used in place of the obsolete elements, see Technical
Bulletins 227 and 236.
*       Adding the value 's' for 'electronic item' to field 539, subfield
*       Changing the Validation Rules to match the input standards for field
007 for remote-sensing images (007/01 or subfield $a = r).

Invalidating obsolete elements.
The following fields, subfields, codes and values will no longer be valid
for input.
*       Language codes (Lang, 040 $b, 041, 242 $y, and 775 $e)
Obsolete code   Lanuguage
tru                     Truk
esp                     Esperanto
far                     Faroese
fri                     Frisian
eth                     Ethiopic
gae                     Gaelic (Scots)
gag                     Galician (Gallegan)
iri                     Irish
max                     Manx
gua                     Guarani
int                     Interlingua
cam                     Khmer
kus                     Kusaie
mla                     Malagasy
lan                     Occitan (post-1500)
gal                     Oromo
snh                     Sinhalese
lap                     Sami languages (Other)
sao                     Samoan
sho                     Shona
sso                     Sotho
swz                     Swazi
tar                     Tatar
taj                     Tajik
tag                     Tagalog
tsw                     Tswana

*       Fields 100, 400, 600, 700, 790, 800, 1st indicator value '2' --
Heading fields, Multiple surname indicator value.
*       Field 551 -- Entity and Attribute Information Note.
*       Field 755 -- Added Entry-Physical Characteristics.
*       Field 76x-78x, subfield $7 -- Linking Entry Fields, Control
Subfield.  In subfield $7 (Control subfield) for all Linking Entry Fields
(76x-78x), if position 1 is 'p' for personal name, value '2' for Multiple
surname will no longer be valid in position 2.  Note: In MARC 21, these
positions are '/0' and '/1'.
*       Field 856, subfield $g -- Electronic Location and Access, Uniform
Resource Name.

Field 539, subfield $g (Fixed-Length Data Elements of Reproduction Note,
Form)--additional code.
Code 's' for electronic item will become available for input in field 539,
subfield $g (Form).  It became valid for input in the fixed field (008) and
field 006 in April 2000.  Subfield $g remains optional for input in field

Field 007, 007/01 or subfield $a = 'r' (Physical Description Fixed Field for
Remote-sensing Image).
The Validation Rules for cataloging will be changed to match the input
standards.  Currently, the Validation Rules require that values be input for
all subfields, except subfield $c.  After October 22nd, only subfields $a
and $b will be required for input.  Input of subfields $d-$j will be