Quoting from Bernhard Eversberg's posting:

"Seasoned catalogers still don't even notice this as the anachronistic
disgrace it is, so much is it ingrained in their routine. Like the way you
shift gears (as Mac once remarked), not giving any thought to it. But they
*had* to learn it first, when in
fact it was unnecessary."

Of course we notice; we are the ones doing the extra work!  There is at least
one software out there that does almost all this for us--many of use it and
then put the records into our systems.  It even has a spelling checker with
French and Spanish dictionary options.  (Sorry, not German :)

It would be WONDERFUL if we didn't have to expend this additional effort just
because the programmers can see their way to making out jobs easier and

Joanna Fountain
in Texas