I was on a CC:DA Task Force that proposed that the RI be changed a few
years ago.  The Task Force's recommendations are at

Among those recommendations:

In LCRI 21.1B1:

3. Broaden the definition of phrases that include the year to include
those that do not necessarily employ acronyms or initialisms, and to
include those that use the full year, not just an abbreviated form of the

As I recall, LC rejected this recommendation, presumably because it
particularly didn't like the part about including phrases and years rather
than just acronyms/initialism and years.

I support the proposed change to the RI, but I wonder whether if you
include the full year after the acronym in the name if it is REALLY
necessary to repeat that year in the addition to the name.  How about
"EWSPT 2000 (Kaprum, Austria)" instead of "EWSPT 2000 (2000 : Kaprum,

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On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Ana Cristan wrote:

> Cross posted; apologies for the duplication
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> PCC Participants:
> Starting with the year 2000, conference names represented by acronyms
> and initialisms have been routinely appearing on title pages with the
> full form of the year rather than the expected abbreviated form, e.g.,
> "EWSPT 2000" instead of "EWSPT '00."
> Current Library of Congress policy for monographs (LCRI 21.1B1, LCRI
> 24.7A, LCRI 24.7B) is to treat the year as part of the name in the
> heading only when the year is represented by an abbreviated form of
> the year, e.g., "EWSPT '98 (1998 : Weybridge, England)."
> Should the LCRIs be amended to permit the full form of the year also
> to be treated as part of the name (e.g., "EWSPT 2000 (2000 : Kaprum,
> Austria")? Or should the LCRIs not be changed, in which case the full
> form of the year would not be treated as part of the name (e.g.,
> "EWSPT (Conference) (2000 : Kaptrum, Austria)"?
> The Cataloging Policy and Support Office is recommending that the
> existing LCRIs be amended to permit the full form of year to be
> treated as part of the name of the conference. This would allow
> monograph catalogers to continue LC's 1983 policy of establishing
> separate headings for each year such a conference is held. Maintaining
> current policy for monograph catalogers would also eliminate any
> potential confusion with the LC policy for serials (LCRI 24.7A)
> whereby all the existing records for an acronym/initialism conference
> heading with the abbreviated form of year would be cancelled in favor
> of a single form of heading for the conference whenever the conference
> heading is needed in serials cataloging.
> Please send comments on the this CPSO recommendation by December 22,
> 2000 to:
> Bob Ewald, CPSO
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