Course Announcement:
Training the NACO Trainer, January 12, 2001, Library of Congress

    The Coop Team at Library of Congress is in the planning stages for a

Training the NACO Trainer course to be held at the Library in
Washington, DC, on Friday, January 12, 2000.  We've chosen the day
because we hope that possible trainer candidates would find it helpful
to combine such a course with attendance at ALA Midwinter, and we know
that you'll be making your ALA arrangements soon.  There is no fee for
the training or materials, but participants will need to secure funding
for their travel, accomodations, and meals.

    We are offering a one-day format rather than the traditional two-day

format, trusting that most NACO catalogers are familiar with the
standard five-day basic NACO course and have used the training materials

designed for that course.  The January 12 session would give an overview

of the place of NACO in the PCC, resources to be used in training,
planning for a NACO training week, and effective techniques for working
with  adult learners.  Participants may be asked to review certain
standard NACO documentation before arriving for the January course.
Participants in the course will receive a Trainer's Manual to assist in
teaching others.

Requirements to become a NACO trainer:

1.  Be an experienced, active contributor to NACO through your PCC
institution, having created and changed both personal and corporate
names in either OCLC or RLIN.

2.  Ask and receive permission from your administrator to serve as a
trainer.  Your institution will need to allow you time to attend the
TTNT course, to prepare for any NACO training assignment, to deliver a
week-long course at another location, and to review records for a new
NACO library at least until they become fully independent.  You or your
institution will need to cover your travel expenses to attend the
January 12 workshop.  If you train another library, that library will be

responsible to cover your expenses for that NACO training assignment.

3.  Please let us know if you'd like to be considered as a candidate or
not.  Express your intentions to us by close of business Monday, Nov. 13

via email: [log in to unmask] or fax: 202-707-2824 or by mail: Ruta Penkiunas,

Coop Team Leader, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, Library
of Congress, Washington, DC 20540-4382.  Please include your name,
address, phone, fax, and email AND the same information for your
institution's administrator so that we can correspond with them about
your training activities.

4.  Complete an application we will send to those who express interest.

5.  Agree to accept at least one NACO training/review or review-only
assignment per year.  Training groups ideally include 1-12 participants.

Usually a trainer needs a few weeks prior to training to get organized,
and review following training is normally about 3-6 months.  You may be
invited initially to serve as a reviewer for a library trained by
another trainer.  Assignments vary according to the location and volume
of NACO training activity.

6.  Keep current with PCC training activities by reading messages posted

to the PCCtrainers online list (not overwhelming), keep your NACO
documentation up to date, and when possible, attend PCC trainers
meetings on Friday afternoon and the PCC Participants meetings on Sunday

evenings of ALA.  Attendance at ALA is strictly optional, but can be a
healthy element in staying in touch with the broader PCC community.

    This message only scratches the surface in explaining the work of a
NACO trainer, but the Coop Team and other NACO trainers would be happy
to answer any questions you have.  The tremendous growth among NACO
libraries in recent years would not have been possible without the
assistance of many people just like you who moved from NACO cataloger to

NACO trainer in a few anxious but thrilling steps.

    We look forward to hearing from you by November 13th, even if you're

not certain, and just need more time to decide or wish to ask questions.

Carolyn Sturtevant
NACO coordinator
LC Coop Team
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202-707-4551 phone
202-707-2824 fax