Civil War Preservation Trust's Poster &
                       Essay Contest
           Grow Smart: Don't Build on Battlefields

     The Civil War Preservation Trust invites all students in grades
4-12 to
compete in our annual Poster and Essay Contest.  Every year, we lose
more of our American heritage-our Civil War battlefields-to
development.  Once gone, our battlefields are lost forever.  You can't
build a new historic site like
you can build a mall or subdivision.  Every submission should reflect
theme and should include the slogan "Grow Smart: Don't Build on

     The following are the five contests at three different skill

GRADE                             CONTEST

4-6                               Elementary Poster Contest

7-9                               Junior Poster Contest
                                  Junior Essay Contest

10-12                             Senior Poster Contest
                                  Senior Essay Contest


     A first and second place winner will be selected for each
First place winners will receive a $500 savings bond and will be
on the website and in "Hallowed Ground," the Civil War Preservation
magazine.  Second place winners will receive Civil War Preservation


     All entries must be postmarked by January 31, 2001.


     Where applicable, students may enter either the poster contest
or the
essay contest, but not both.  The student's name, grade, return
address, and phone number must be clearly printed on the back of the
poster or on the cover page of the essay.  If a teacher is submitting
the materials for
multiple students, each entry must be clearly labeled with all of
student's identifying information as well as the teacher's name,
name, and phone number.

     Posters will be judged for originality, quality of artwork,
impact, and strength of message.  Each poster should clearly reflect


May not be larger than 14" by 22"

May be made with markers, crayons, paint, paper cutouts,
  pen and ink, or any other media that will not smear and
  will leave the finished poster flat and easy to handle (no
  chalk or charcoal, no gluing rocks or other three
  dimensional items to the poster, etc.)

May not use copyrighted materials such as comics, TV
  characters, professional photographs, etc.

Essays will be judged for originality, persuasive quality,
  clarity, and strength of message.  Each essay should
  clearly reflect the slogan.


Must be approximately 300 words long

Must use proper grammar and correct spelling

Must consist primarily of the student's own words

     Entries will not be returned unless requested.  Winning entries
the property of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

Mail Entries To:  CWPT Poster and Essay Contest
                  11 Public Square, Suite 200
                  Hagerstown, MD  21470

Need More Information? 1-800-CW-TRUST or visit

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