Dear Fellows,

My colleague, Danna Bell-Russell, circulated this announcement far
and wide yesterday. You may have seen it on some of the listservs to
which you subscribe. You may also know of other lists with which you
might share this and/or might want to share it with your colleagues,
locally.  Thank you for helping us to "get the word out" and make
educators aware of the Learning Page!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday break to one and all...


The Learning Page Announces a Redesign!

What is the Learning Page? It is a Website, created to help educators
use the American Memory collections' <>,
primary source materials...such as George Washington's letters, Walt
Whitman's journals, historic documents like the Gettysburg address,
civil war maps and photographs, recordings of folk music, some of the
earliest motion pictures, and much MUCH MORE!!!!

The Learning Page consists of eight sections:

"New" will keep you up to date as we add new resources for your use!

"Orientation" explains what the American Memory collections are;
provides help with finding items in the collections; and offers FAQs
and a site map to help you find your way around the Learning Pages.

"Features" brings together items from across the American Memory
collections to investigate timely themes such as Elections, and

"Collections" gives in depth information about individual American
Memory collections as well as suggested activities and strategies for
using the collections to develop critical thinking skills.

"Activities" provides an engaging introduction to the American Memory
collections through activities that can be used independently or
through the direction of the teacher.

"Educators" offers a variety of professional development and outreach
programs including the American Memory Fellows Program; workshops and
presentations offered in Washington D.C. and through distance
education; and information about the Library's participation in
national and regional conferences.

"Lessons" shares teacher-created and classroom-tested lessons which
span curricular themes and multiple grade levels.

"Resources" serves up tips and tricks for accessing, printing and
saving resources from the American Memory collections; how to cite
sources and understand copyright; how to order reproductions; and
links to additional, high quality internet resources for classroom

The Learning Page is for students, educators and  life-long learners
of all ages!  We hope you enjoy the new look, new navigation, new
organization and new content!  A new Inaugurations Feature is on the


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