Dear Karen,

Thought you might be interested to know that this year's national Christmas
tree came from the Pike National Forest near Woodland Park, Colorado, just up
the pass from Colorado Springs, where Linda Thompson and I live. The city gave
it a ceremonious send-off a couple of weeks ago.

-Mary Johnson

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> Subject:      The Lighting of the White House Christmas Tree
> Twas a windy cold December night
> as we headed for the place,
> where the decorated tree and all,
> would absorb the light's embrace.
> The thousands of people hovering round,
> as they listened to each note,
> of Kathy Mateo, Charlotte Church
> and Santa's Ho Ho Ho!
> Then Bill came out with family,
> to celebrate with all,
> He gave us words of peace and hope,
> Then pulled the switch and lo,
> The tree exploded with wondrous light,
> and the people oohed and aahed,
> they clapped, they sang, they hugged, and then
> departed, feeling grand!
> The evening was a little windy and cold.  Of course there were
> thousands of people there, all crowded together, all wanting to see
> what was taking place on the stage, or the tree.  We were standing in
> front of the White House lawn.  The White House was decorated with a
> giant wreath on the front of the house with smaller trees decorated
> with lights.
> The tree this year had a lot of green bulbs, as well as other
> decorated wreaths, etc.  Unfortunately the sound system echoed
> terribly, and did not do justice to the voices of Charlotte Church,
> and others.  The music was beautiful though.  The celebration usually
> starts about 5 p.m and the tree is lit right at 6.  So by the time we
> got to Federal Triangle and then all the way out to where our car was
> parked in College Park, we didn't make it home until about 7 p.m.
> Tired feet, cold and stiff, but it only happens once a year.
> People in the crowd talked about what was going on over at the
> Supreme Court as well.  Seems to be a topic of great discussion here
> in D.C. anyway.
> Have a very merry Christmas.  Hope this message finds you all safe
> and happy.  Hugs and good thoughts.
> Karen Needles
> Karen Needles
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