Hi All,
Just a note on what's happening a couple of blocks from the Library:

I walked by the Supreme Court on my way from Union Station to the Madison
Building a little before 8 am.  There are about 6 large white media vans,
with rooftop satellite dishes, all ready to beam their reports.  A colleage
said there were about a hundred photographers with their tripods on the
sidewalk, ready to go.  Everything is peaceful.

I walked closer to the Capitol and steered clear of the crowd, but so had
some other newsgroups.  Three different groups consisting of camera
operators and reporters had set up their filming area on the Capitol
grounds - poised and ready to broadcast.  Democracy at work!

You can see/hear this on the web at

I prepared the URLs below for a friend, but y'all might have already found
these references on the Electoral College:

Presidential Elections and the Electoral College:

A Century of Lawmaking:

Go to the search page, select Continental Congress, and search on
'electors' to get discussion in the Federal Convention of 1787.  This is
raw debate converage, ie, minutes of debates, not the formal language of
the finished document.

First draft of the Constitution from another collection, Documents of the
Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention:
(click on page image to get a .tiff image of the actual broadside.)

Go here for 8 documents that show the progression in revision:

The constitution as ratified:

Come here on THOMAS, the congressional web site, to search all historical
documents, including the Constitution and the Federalist Papers.

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