Dear friends and Fellows,

I just want to second Bill Ferneke's modest statement about the site he and
his colleagues have been working on: Electronic New Jersey.  It's a terrific
resource for helping students really work through documents as historians -
and is relevant for US  and not just New Jersey history!

And while I'm at it -- best wishes to all our AM Fellows at this holiday

Bill and the CCT Gang

on 12/19/00 8:55 am, William Fernekes at [log in to unmask] wrote:

> Hello, AMFELLOWS colleagues.  As a member of the original American Memory
> Fellows team, I'm sharing with you information about a project which we've
> been doing in NJ that was heavily influenced by our experience with the
> American Memory Project.  The Electronic NJ Project, based at Rutgers
> University's Alexander Library, is a collaborative digital archive project
> with 6 school districts and the Rutgers University Archives and Special
> Collections.  In the most recent edition of the OAH Teaching Magazine of
> History (Fall 2000, pp. 65-69), an article on the project is published which
> you may find interesting for the development of local digital archive projects
> focused on teaching about U. S. history but using state history resources.
> The Electronic NJ project URL is  If you have
> further questions about the project, contact me at [log in to unmask],
> or Tom Frusciano, Rutgers University Archivist at [log in to unmask]
> We are currently working on new topical modules on the history of science and
> technology, and 20th century mass culture and consumerism.  I want to also
> acknowledge Judy Graves' very important feedback for the development of
> Electronic NJ in its early stages, which made a critical contribution to our
> development of the site.
> My colleague Harlene Rosenberg and I send everyone the best for a wonderful
> holiday season.
> Bill Fernekes
> Supervisor of Social Studies
> Hunterdon Central Regional HS