After downloading and installing Netscape 6.0 (a long, counter-intuitive
and playing with xml files, I went to the Netscape 6.0 homepage and finally
in its documentation the following info.:

"With the industry's best support for CSS, XML data can be natively
formatted for both display and printing, across platforms and devices,
using Cascading Style Sheets. There's never a need to do a one-way
transformation to HTML and lose structure and data."

I couldn't find any reference to XSL in Netscape documentation.

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At 01:51 PM 12/8/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone tried the new Netscape to see if it will do xsl transformations
>as IE5 does?  I've read the description and find myself confused.  It talks
>about handling xml, but is xml display limited to using css stylesheets?
>When we displayed an xml instance in Net 6 (with no stylesheet attached) it
>came up as plain text, rather than in the hierarchical fashion IE5 does
>when a stylesheet is not used.  Any comments would be appreciated?
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