Your server needs to be configured to export .sgm files as mime type

At the moment they are probably being sent as text/plain, which is why you
are seeing the code.


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> Sent:         Tuesday, 12 December 2000 1:44
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> Subject:      Displaying SGML on the web
> Greetings...
> I have been delving into EAD implementation for a few months now at the
> Library and Archives of the National Gallery of Canada.  I am at the stage
> of pulling it all together and I am now preparing the web page display.  I
> am having problems with the SGML display.  What I am trying to achieve is
> to have Panorama automatically load up when one clicks on the link for the
> SGML version of the finding aid, and that the document is displayed with
> the intended style sheet and navigator.
> At the moment, I think I have all the necessary elements on the server
> (catalog, entityrc, entities, .ssh and .nav files along with the SGML
> files) but when I select an SGML link, the actual coding is displayed,
> which I then have to download and open in Panorama.  Please help me to
> understand the missing link to having this prodecure occur automatically.
> I don't think there is a problem with my Panorama set up, because when I
> try the SGML links from other web pages (such as Columbia University's
> Library Web: )
> everything works the way I hope our site will work.
> Thanks for your time and advice.
> Irene-Ann Spanner
> National Gallery of Canada
> Library and Archives