Network Bulletin No. 00-66

Date: December 22, 2000

Subject: Readership and circulation

Index term: Meeting on statistical reporting for

On November 28-29 NLS hosted a meeting of the conference
chairpersons, heads of user groups representing four
automated circulation systems, and vendor representatives
from three of the four automated circulation systems.  A
list of attendees is attached.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the semiannual
readership and circulation statistical reporting process and
seek advice on several questions.  One of the first
questions is whether the information being requested is
complete or should changes be considered.  As a result of
the meeting, the conference representatives agreed to work
with the head of the Network Services Section to review the
Network Library Manual entry 9.2, to refine the definition
of "readers" and to identify other appropriate categories
that could/should be tracked and counted.  This group's
recommendations will be reported first to the committee as a
whole and then shared with network libraries for comment and
suggestions.  This process will be accomplished in time for
the network statistics to be discussed at the regional
conferences next year.  Final agreement on the changes would
come at the national conference in 2002.  Network libraries
would begin maintaining statistics, which would include the
new definitions and categories, in October 2002 for FY 2003.

Once NLS sends the proposed definitions and categories to
the network, the responses will be shared with the automated
system vendors (CUL, DRA, KLAS, and READS) and
representatives of the independently automated circulation
systems.  System vendors will be aware of network questions
and concerns as they develop and can plan accordingly for
software changes.

Another major question was how NLS should deal with
libraries that do not submit statistics by the deadline.
It was proposed that the statistical reporting date for
subregional libraries remain the same, fifteen days after
the end of the reporting period.  Regional libraries would
have until the last working day of the month following the
reporting period to submit their statistics to NLS.  On the
first working day of the next month, NLS would post a list
of libraries not submitting their report on the NLS reports
list.  This process would be repeated on the first working
day of the following month.  If the statistics are not
received within two weeks of the second posting, NLS will
send a letter to the regional library's administering
agency.  The deadlines are specified below.

September 30    Reporting period ends
October 15      Subregional statistics due to
                        their regional library
October 31*     Regional library statistics
                        due to NLS
November 1**    NLS posts list of non-
                        submitting libraries
November 30***    NLS reposts list of non-
                        submitting libraries
December 15     NLS sends letter to non-
                        responding regional library's administering agency

Pending approval of the committee, the Network
Library Manual entry 9.2 will be revised and the reporting
deadlines will become effective in the September 2001
statistics reporting period.


For more information contact:

Carolyn H. Sung
Network Division

*   or last working day of the month
**  or first working day of the next month
*** or last working day of the month



Statistics Meeting
November 28 - 29, 2000


Midlands     -   Geraldine Adams, Oklahoma
North   -        Donna Calvert, West Virginia
South   -        Mike Gunde, Florida
West -           Linda Montgomery, Arizona

Automated Systems User Group Representatives

CUL  -  Maggie Bacon, Michigan (Lansing)
DRA  -  Brent Cooper, California (southern)
KLAS -  Bessie Oakes, Utah
READS-  Fred Howkins, Michigan (Wayne County)

Automated Systems Vendor Representatives

CUL  -  Sue Murdock
DRA  -  Vera Maeser
KLAS -  Mitake Burts
READS   Mike Everette


Frank Kurt Cylke, Director
Robert McDermott, Automation Officer
Mary Mohr, Network Consultant
Barbara Peterman, CMLS Coordinator
Stephen Prine, Head, Network Services Section
Linda Redmond, Head, Reference Section
Carolyn Sung, Chief, Network Division
David Whittall, Network Consultant