Network Bulletin No. 00-65

Date: December 8, 2000

Subject: Magazines

Index term: Changes for four NLS magazines:
ESPN, Teen People, Foreign Affairs, and Civilization

The following changes to the NLS magazine list will take
effect as indicated.

ESPN magazine (biweekly) will be offered as the braille
sports magazine beginning in January 2001. It replaces Sport
magazine, which ceased publication in August 2000.  The CMLS
code for ESPN is ESP1.  Patrons who had subscriptions to
Sport magazine when it ceased publication will automatically
be entered in CMLS to receive ESPN.

Teen People (ten times a year) will be offered on cassette
as the young adult audio magazine in January 2001, replacing
the audio version of Seventeen.  (The braille version of
Seventeen will continue to be offered with no change.)  The
CMLS code for Teen People is TNP3.  Patrons subscribing to
Seventeen will automatically be changed in CMLS to receive
Teen People.

Foreign Affairs (quarterly)  will be offered on cassette
beginning in January 2001.  The CMLS code for Foreign
Affairs is FAF3.  Patrons who were subscribed to Foreign
Affairs when it was discontinued in 1998 and are still
active will automatically be entered in CMLS to receive it.

Civilization magazine has ceased publication with the
October/November issue and will no longer be offered on
cassette.  The code CIV3 will be deleted from CMLS.

For more information contact:

James Herndon
Collection Development Section