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This revised standard is not a revision to the position classification
standard for the 1410 series (it is still dated August, 1994).
Classification standards are used to write and classify position
The Qualification Standard used by personnel offices to qualify applicants
for positions in the librarian series.  This is what has been revised with
an effective date of 1 January 2001).  Previously, this standard did not
require a Master's Degree in Library Science.  Now it does.
Way to go...I think we owe a vote of thanks to some of the staff at FEDLINK
who have been working on this for some time.
Hope it helps!

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> Kathy--
> What is the url?  I could only find the 1994 version in my cursory check
> of
> the OPM site.
> I didn't even realize that they were revising it again.  Did any federal
> librarians have input?
> -Kay Collins, US RRB  Chicago, IL
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> The OPM website is now listing the revised standard for  the GS-1410
> Librarian Series   The revised standard was effective January 1, 2001
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