The Information Resources Center of the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research
and Quality
is offering complete sets of journals to any library that can use them.

Please send your mailing address to me with your requested titles to my
e-dress below.
Postage will be covered by our giveaway offer.

Please respond by February 1.

Kathryn Ramage ([log in to unmask])
Information Resources Specialist
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Phone: (301) 594-6353; Fax: (301) 594-3434

ACP Journal Club
v.122 1996

Am Family Physician
v.58-59 1998

Am J Nursing
v.98 1998

Am J Public Health
v.86 1995

Annals Internal Medicine
v.122-123 1996

Arch Internal Medicine
v.156 1996

British Medical J
v.311-312 1996

Canadian Medical Association J
v.153-154 1996

v.92-93 1996

Evaluation & the Health Professions
v.21 1998

v.36 1995

Health Data Mgmt
v.6(1-2, 4-12) 1995

v.273-274 1995

Joint Comm J on Quality Improvement
v.21 1995

J Am Board of Family Practice
v.8 1995

Milbank Quarterly
v.73 1995

New England J Med
v.332-333 1995

v.99-100 1998

Public Health Reports
v.110 1995

v.280-282 1998

Scientific American
v.278 1998